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Welcome to Lightyear Wireless!  You have come across what many are calling the most common-sense home business in America.

Millions of people are now beginning to see the power and importance of owning their own business.  Unfortunately, most of them don't feel as if they have any realistic options for getting started.  Finally, Lightyear Wireless offers them a home business that makes sense!  The key issue becomes how to make an educated decision as to whether this is the right business for you.  The Lightyear Wireless system will walk you through identifying the 5 key elements to  making that crucial decision:

1.  The Company - is it solid and stable?
2.  The Timing
- are you too early or too late?
3.  The Services
- is this something folks can't live without?
4.  The Compensation
- can you make meaningful money?
5.  The System
- is there a proven methodology already in place to guide you?

As we take you through the information in the steps above, you will soon see for yourself why so many people are excited about Lightyear Wireless. Not only will you be learning about a great company, but you'll learn that you're positioning yourself with Lightyear's #1 income earner Ben Sturtevant.

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The best decision you'll ever make!