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A compensation plan so lucrative it's backed with a GUARANTEE!!!

Let's face it, there are many opportunities out there today that give people the chance to make more money.  But how many of those feel so strongly that their compensation plan will help people improve their financial situation that they back it with a GUARANTEE?  Well, Lightyear Wireless does just that!  Our compensation plan offers a way for people to achieve their financial goals, whether that's to earn a few hundred dollars a month or to create a multiple six-figure income.

Download the Compensation Plan Document

A Comp Plan with Over 8 Streams of Income:

1.  Weekly Fast Start Bonuses
2.  Weekly Leadership Training Bonuses
3.  Customer Acquisition Bonuses
4.  Monthly Residual Income
5.  Revenue Sharing Pool
6.  Travel Expense Account
7.  Monthly Car Bonuses
8.  Matching Bonuses

And it only gets better...

Ben Sturtevant"Finally a home business that makes sense! The idea of getting paid every month from something we're going to do anyway just makes sense!  The Lightyear Wireless opportunity is brilliant!"

-Ben Sturtevant, California


The best decision you'll ever make!