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Services That People Can't Live Without!

The challenge in today's world of Network Marketing is that thousands of companies are out offering products that people just don't need.  People are sick and tired of having to convince and sell their product on people.  What Lightyear Wireless gives you is a product that makes sense.  Why?  Because we offer services that you're already using.  All we're showing people how to do is to save money and make money from services they're going to use anyway.  Then we show them how to own a business and create passive income by helping others do the same.  Lightyear Wireless truly is a no-brainer concept!



See what the BBB has to say... 
Look at what people have to say...
  "Before switching our service to Lightyear Wireless we were paying $120 a month for our service.  For the exact same service on the same network we now pay $59 a month!  The fact we get paid to do this is awesome!" -Jessie & Tamara, Utah
  "What I love most about my Lightyear Wireless service is the incredible price.  I'm saving 60% on my wireless bill and I get paid a commission each month!  Don't forget about the FREE wireless credits you can earn too!"
  "Lightyear services have saved my family money over and over again.  It's such a no-brainer - we're going to use the service anyway, you might as well get paid.  The simplicity is the awesome part!"
  "We absolutely love the Lightyear Wireless Service.  We have unlimited everything and the best coverage around.  The best part is we don't pay anything out of our own pocket and we get paid on it every month!  Go Lightyear!
Jeff & Jemi, Michigan
  "The Lightyear Wireless Service is the most complete and competitive wireless service I've ever had.  The product is something I was already doing and the fact I get paid for it is truly a blessing."
-Jerry, Utah
  "We love our wireless service.  It works great and the price is amazing.  You can't beat FREE! It's so easy to talk to people about such an amazing opportunity when you have such a great product."
Bret & Amy, OR

The best decision you'll ever make!